Dry Brushing / Detox / Cellulite Reduction

Ahhh to be a Girl! The things we wouldn’t do or try for beauty. What the hell are we brushing anyway? Our bodies, duh. Our naked, dry bodies with a dry natural bristle brush to be more clear. And why the hell are we doing this? This process will reduce the appearance of your cellulite!! Amennnnnn to that, and it really does work. Now that we got the main vanity reason out of the way, let’s also mention the many internal health reasons dry brushing is good for you. Detox, detox, detox…Dry brushing stimulates our lymphatic system, which collects and eliminates all the waste our cells are producing. If we do not help this process stay active, we could develop blockages. This is also how people develop inflammation and other illnesses.

How to Dry Brush: Start from the bottom of your feet and work upward in short motions. When you get to your arms, start at the hands and work upward towards the heart. Large circular motions on the chest area and counterclockwise on the stomach. The goal is not to harm the skin, so do not push pard or use a really rough brush. This should feel good and relaxing, not painful in any way. It is recommended to try and do this everyday before a shower, so get naked and do the damn thing!
PS. This will exfoliate your skin, unclog the pores and increase your energy and blood flow.

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