Mario Dedivanovic – The Master Class NYC

So, after years of trying to attend the Master Class in New York City and running into constant time conflicts, 2016 was finally my year. I was turning 30 years old just a few days after the scheduled Master Class date of Dec. 17th and decided to kick off my birthday weekend by attending the class. I wanted to give you a detailed review of the entire day from start to finish, as I know I personally always wondered what an event like that would consist of, so hopefully this will help some of you that are planning to attend future classes.

I woke up to a snow storm on that Saturday morning, got dressed, put on a full face of makeup (the funniest thing was arriving at the front doors of the actual building and seeing all the faces beat to the Gods bright and early in the morning) Heavy cake was everywhere, and let me tell you it looked like a drag convention and we all loved it! I picked up my bestie who was actually around 5 months pregnant with twins at that time and we trekked it into the city. Nothing will stop two fierce queens when it comes to Mario and his teachings. We arrived around 11:30AM and the doors were supposed to open at noon, the line wrapped around the entire city block. We learned that some of these girls have been on line since 6 AM in order to be let it first (seating was on first come first serve basis) Thankfully, my dear friend was working the event and was able to set us up with VIP admission. Needless to say, this caused quite a commotion from the other women when they saw us walk up and walk right in without waiting. I won’t go into details or repeat their hating comments but women are truly so mean sometimes. Anywayyyyy, we walked into the Florence Gould Hall, met up with our girlfriends and were led down to the front row to pick our seats. Mario sold out the entire venue of 500 max. seating capacity with every seat in the house was taken, even the nose bleeds.

The stage set up was quite simple, with one large screen in the middle and the actual makeup table and chair off to the left side. Music played as we were handed little notebooks and pens, we waited with excitement as various pictures of Mario’s past work appeared on the screen. When he finally came out the energy in the house totally changed and everyone was ready to listen and pay close attention, he then surprised us with a guest model that turned out to be Bebe Rexa! Love her songs and also her awesome attitude.

The class itself was 5 hours long; he did 1 full-face look and broke all his steps down in lots of detail. Mario does allow people to yell out their questions but what kind of turned me off with the whole thing was that a lot of the questions were incredibly silly. Believe me, I am not saying that I am the smartest person in the room but if you have to ask what a beauty blender is or if you need to exfoliate your client before each makeup application, then maybe the Master Class is not the class for you. The silly questions unfortunately continued until the very end and by about mid class Mario began answering them with a hint of cute sarcasm, at times he would even respond with a little joke and then simply keep going without letting it disrupt the class.

Hour passed while we literally could not take our eyes of the main screen, hell I didn’t even get up to pee once! When you love something you don’t notice time passing by while learning about it. Overall, I do believe we learned a lot, some techniques were completely new to me and some were older and it was interesting to learn how Mario uses them. He is a complete perfectionist and you can see it in his every move. I will not go into detail about the things he actually taught us as this article will end up becoming a novel, it is a much better experience for you all to witness the beauty for yourself anyway. We laughed, we asked questions, we listened in a complete daze, Bebe Rexa broke out into a song using Mario’s tiny mic on his shirt, which was hilarious. They made jokes, made fun of one another and you could truly feel the great friendship between them. Mario wrapped up the class by a Q&A where he answered some questions and told us about his experience in the industry. He did have one very raw and emotional moment while telling us about some of the struggles and mistakes he has made and it was touching to see that clearly everyone goes through this and you simply have to keep going and never give up. As the class wraps up you are led into another room on your way out where you are greeted by the infamous gift bags as well as picture time with Picasso himself J He literally takes pictures with every single attendee. The gift bags were very generous and the products are great, I will be posting some pictures and doing separate reviews on some of my personal favorites.

My final thoughts and advice to anyone looking to attend any of the future classes would be to try your best to purchase the VIP tickets so you can sit in the front rows, if you are unable to do that you would have to arrive super early to get into the building first. Personally, I think there is no other way to do it. I just felt horrible for some of the girls sitting all the way in the back as they definitely could not see the details, even on the big screen and keep in mind, they still paid the same $550.00 per ticket to end up there. Personally, I’d be quite upset. Also, I would recommend setting aside your entire day for this. From waking up to getting ready to the event itself, I would say the whole thing took about 9 hours. Every minute of which I loved, however if you are not ready or already committed to something else that day it might be a bit tough. I do truly recommend attending a class in the future as it is very interesting to see the craft first hand and if you truly love the art of makeup will walk away learning so much.





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