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“My hair is so soft and shiny after I dye it” – said no one ever… If you have chemically processed hair you know exactly what I am talking about. Color and especially changing from dark to light takes a huge toll on your hair but most of us still do it anyway. Bleach is literally the devil and will try to suck out the last drops of moisture your poor strands have left in them. About 7 months ago I personally went from dark brown (which is my natural color) to a bleached blonde (think Kim K’s recent color) in a span of two days, meaning I did two salon visits. While the color came out good and gave me the much needed “change” I was craving,  my hair absolutely hated me in return. It was so dry and unmanageable that I couldn’t properly style it, therefore I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the new color/cut. I recently decided to go back to my natural color and my colorist used Olaplex in addition to the normal dye. I just have to share this as I was really, really, really pleasantly surprised at the outcome. So, this product comes in a 3 bottle package and helps multiply and rebuild bonds to eliminate the usual breakage from coloring hair. The #1 and #2 steps have to be administered in a salon but step # 3 is the “hair perfector” which is a conditioning treatment you can actually purchase online and use once a week. My colorist added some of the Olaplex into my dye and then also treated it with the # 3 at the very end and I have since then had zero breakage or split ends. This product basically actually gets shit done! “Flips hair.

(Safest bet is to order the # 3 directly from here, as Amazon has many fakes floating around) Unless you are fond of receiving mysterious white substances in the mail, no thank you.

May all your hair flips be healthy, weightless and full of drama!

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