Train Wrecks, Silver Bullets & The Budget

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It’s our national pastime.  We pull up our chairs and watch as seemingly intelligent people and respected organizations self destruct.  Then suddenly,  just when we assumed all was lost someone, typically tanned and coiffed appears holding a “silver bullet” between their thumb and forefinger.  Surrounded by their posse they provide convincing testimony that under their direction this “silver bullet” will restore the natural order.  We breathe a sigh of relief and go for an evening stroll comforted by the perception that justice has prevailed and order reinstated.  Deep in thought we fail to hear the train whistle.

Often as observers train wrecks don’t directly impact us but the consequences of the debates in Congress concerning the budget and our national debt will alter both our pocketbooks and public policy.   The most critical issue of our time will have consequences that extend far beyond election cycles.

Ideologies are shiny but they seldom provide solutions to complex problems.  Both the left and the right have offered their own version of a “silver bullet”.  Partisan and designed to protect their political bases they do little to solve the financial hole we find ourselves in.    It’s absolutely imperative that we demand that the discussion be reasoned and factually based.

The Bowles – Simpson Deficit Commission recommendations provide a bi-partisan starting point.   In fact 62 Senators (31 Republicans and 31 Democrats) recognized that their findings were a viable approach in the quest to solve our financial issues.   Perhaps it’s time to change the process?   Should the Bowles – Simpson Commission be the intermediary chartered to provide alternatives – or does this just acknowledge a lack of leadership at all levels?  Can Congress and the POTUS step outside their political shells and forward a sustainable budget that serves America today and tomorrow?  What are your thoughts?

Is there anyone who demonstrates the character and intellect required; some “trusted friend” we can call into service?   Perhaps ….. Kemo Sabe.

“Hi yo, Silver! Away!

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